Special Characteristics: 
Coat colour is variable between plain and patchy pattern; usually red with light to dark shades; red-pied and black-pied are common; plain black, brown, grey and white coats also occur; hump is thoracic to cervico-thoracic, and small to medium in size; body has good depth and length; well developed dewlap; docile; very good work animal, and also used for meat; milk yield is low (Rege and Tawah, 1999).
Main Location: 
Inhabits the highlands of Eritrea (from Seheir in the south-east to parts of Akale-Guzay and Seraye in the north), and adjacent parts of northern Ethiopia, including northern Shire, Adwa and parts of Agame (Rege and Tawah, 1999).
Developed out of interbreeding of Barka and other zebu from northern Ethiopia with adjacent Abyssinian Sanga (Danakil and Raya-Azabo).