South Sudan Zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Characterized by dome shaped hump (like Karamajong Zebu) and medium size upright horns with tips pointing forwards. This formation is said to be highly prized by the Murle tribesmen who sometimes try to modify the growth of the horns so that the tips touch. Coat colour is variable.
Main Location: 
Found in the Pibor Post district in the south-eastern corner of the Sudan.
Descended from the first introduction of zebu into Africa from West Asia. The breed evolved after the Nilo-Hamitic Murle ethnic group migrated out of Maji area in south-western Ethiopia and settled in the Pibor Post district of Upper Nile province of the Sudan. Because of their Ethiopian origin, the Murle cattle are sometimes described as a variety of the Abyssinian Zebu. The Murle are strongly influenced in their breed characteristics by the adjacent Toposa breed.