Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Coat colour is mainly red, chestnut, black, roan and white; predominantly used for draught; milk yield is low.
Main Location: 
Found around Adwa, in the central zone of the Tigray Region.
The Small East African Zebu are believed to have descended from the recent introductions of zebu into Africa from Asia, and some may have ancestral linkages with cattle of the Large East African Zebu group. The breeds/strains that belong to the Abyssinian Short horned Zebu group have tribal and ecological origins, which do not necessarily imply genetic differences. They generally inhabit higher altitude and wetter agricultural areas, and hence they are also referred to as Ethiopian Highland Zebu. The Adwa is one of this breed groups in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia (Rege and Tawah, 1999).