Abyssinian Sanga
Special Characteristics: 
Similar to the Danakil, except that the Raya-Azabo is a slightly bigger animal, probably a result of selection for draught power for the settled agricultural practice. Large and slender body, with long lyre-shaped horns, small hump and moderate dewlap. Horns can form almost a complete circle. Coat colour is mainly chestnut or ash-grey.
Main Location: 
The breed occupy the eastern escarpment and adjoining rangelands of northeastern Ethiopia (Tigray and Wollo). They are mainly found in the fertile district of Raya-Azebo areas of Tigray on eastern side of Lake Ashangie, where some Raya clans have settled as agro-pastoralists.
The Raya Azabo cattle are true type Sanga cattle that continued to inhabit parts of the centre of dispersal of African Sanga cattle (Ethiopian highlands). Along with the Danakil and Abigar, the Raya-Azebo constitute the only surviving true type Sanga cattle in Ethiopia. Outside the breeding area of this breed, the region east of Lake Ashange in Tigray and its surroundings, it is interbred with the zebu (Rege and Tawah, 1999).