Shewa-Ghimira, Goda, Mitzan
Special Characteristics: 
Believed to have some level of trypanotolerance.
Main Location: 
Inhabits the humid parts of south-western Ethiopia with the Sheko tribe around Bench zone (formerly Ghimira). More over the breedis also found in the three other districts (Bench and Shei Bench) of the same zone with relative scarcity in other two. This breed also found in the adjoining areas of Keffa and Shaka zones.
The Sheko are believed to be the last remnants of the original humpless Shorthorn (Bos taurus) cattle in eastern Africa. They were first reported in 1929 from south-western Ethiopia, and later in 1982. At present some of the Sheko manifest small humps that they inherited from zebu introgression. The breed is now considered endangered by gradual interbreeding with local zebu and sanga (Abigar).