Nilotic Sanga
Special Characteristics: 
A molecular genetic study has revealed that the Abigar cattle have the highest indicine allele frequencies next to Danakil breeds among African sanga cattle breeds (Hanotte et al. 2000).And they have large body and long horns of the Sanga, similar to the Aliab Dinka of southern Sudan.
Main Location: 
found principally in the border area between Ethiopia and Sudan, with larger extension into Ethiopia covering the Akobo area of Gambella. They are found along the White Nile in southeastern Sudan (mainly bred by Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk tribes) and in the adjacent lowlands of southwest Ethiopia including Itang, Jekaw and Akobo districts of Gambella Regional State (mainly bred by the Nuer and Anuak tribes) (Alberro andHaile-Mariam 1982).
The original Sanga stock evolved in Ethiopia, and the Nilotic Sanga appear to have developed from early migrations and spread across south-western Ethiopia into southern Sudan. The Abigar are similar to the adjacent Aliab Dinka in the Sudan, and both have retained the large body size, long horns and small humps of the true Sanga.