Short-eared Somali


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Ogaden, Galla, Modugh, Mudugh, Dighier, Deghiyer, Dighi Yer, Denghier, Abgal, Ogaden, Issa-Somali, Habab, Maria, Bimal
Somali family
Special Characteristics: 
Smaller in size than the Long-eared Somali goat with height of 61 to 65 cm and body weight of 28 to 33 kg; coat colour is mainly white; coat hair is short (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Main Location: 
Distributed in northern and eastern parts of Ogaden (Jijiga, Degeh Bur and Werder), where they are kept by the Isaaq and Mijertein Somali clans and around Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia; they probably extend into adjoining areas of Somalia and Djibouti; the climate is arid to semi-arid; the management system is predominantly pastoral (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Probably related to the descent of the Somali Arab goats in Somalia, which have been introduced from Arabia (FARM-Africa, 1991).