Arsi, Gishe, Sidama, Manta, Awarch, Arusi
Ethiopian Rift Valley Family
Special Characteristics: 
Medium to large in body size (66-73 cm height and 30-42 kg weight); 25% of the population shows hairy coat on parts of the body; pied colour pattern; predominantly straight facial profile; horn length ranges from 12 to 24 cm; polledness occurs in 6% of the population; ears are fairly long (14 cm); 92% of males and 52% of females have beards (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Main Location: 
Distributed throughout the Arsi and Bale regions, up to an altitude of 4000 m in the higher altitude areas of Sidamo and western Hararghe; also occupies all the agro-pastoral lowlands within the Rift Valley from Lake Abay in the south to Zwai in the north (FARM-Africa, 1996).
(Part of the Rift Valley family of goats in Ethiopia).