Western Lowland

Shankila, Gumuz
Small East African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
Short (64-67 cm height) but stocky (34 kg) goats with straight face; with fawn or white pied coat colour; the coat hair is short and smooth; 12% of the population is polled; 96% of the males have ruff and 70% have beard; wattles are present in 12% of the cases (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Main Location: 
Inhabit the western savannah lowlands of Ethiopia bordering Sudan in Gojjam (Metekel), Wellega (Assosa) and Illubabor (Gambella); the climate is subhumid and the production systems in the savannah grasslands are agro-pastoral (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Probably derived from the interbreeding of early populations of goats in these areas (FARM-Africa, 1996).